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Fun Football Party Games For Kids

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For a kids Football Birthday Party here’s our pick of the best football party games.

Fun Ball Pass

Split party goers into 2 teams and tell them all to form a line each.

The person at the front of each line holds a football, when the whistle blows the players must alternately pass the ball over their head and between their legs.

When the person at the back of the line gets the ball they run to the front and begin again.

The team that gets back to the original position first is the winner.

Timed Dribble 

Set up cones or alternative obstacles for the budding footballers to dribble around, get the stopwatch out (you’ve got one on your phone!), and time each player.  Set up a scoreboard, cheer and shout for each player as they go round and give the winner a medal.

Soccer Goalkeeper Clipart

Penalty Shootout

Get out your net or even use jumpers for goalposts.

Kids can take turns on the penalty shoot out, if no one wants to go in goal stick Dad in instead!

Indoor Games

On a rainy day or at half time if you’re watching a match how about some indoor football fun?

Finger Football Penalties are great using a box and paper ball or how about Pin the Footballer on the Pitch, a new twist on an old classic.

Football colouring pages are also a nice way to get to get the party started.


Don’t forget the cake!

Football Treasure Hunt

Write clues before the party and get the kids to find all sorts of football themed items.  These could include a whistle, a football boot, a red card and ball.

A great end to the treasure hunt is a football pinata!


Above all have a great party.





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