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10 Kids Party Food Hacks and Cheats

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If you want to make your kids birthday party noms even easier we’ve got 10 of the best time saving but fun tips for birthday food you’ll find.



1. If you’re making sandwiches for the kids at parties but they’re still left on the plate when tea time’s over here’s a tip for you. Use cookie cutters to make some super cool shapes that the kids will love, plus you get loads more sandwiches to the slice.

ice lolly non drip


2. I wish I’d known about this little mess saving idea when ,my kids were very young. Especially good on hot sunny days. Simply pop a cake case under a lolly, feed the lolly stick through it to create a great lolly drip catching device!

icecream pre frozen


3. Use a cake or muffin tin with cake cases to pre-freeze ice cream before the party.  This saves time as you’ve already scooped your portion sizes.  Just add sprinkles!

icing sugar

4. Fill condiment bottles with coloured icing if the kids are going to decorate biscuits or cakes. Less mess and lots of fun.

party box

5. Use party boxes for an easy way to make and easy to clean up party lunch. Put a bit of everything in, name the boxes and if they don’t want to eat it all the kids can take them home. It also stops any kid who wants to steal all the crisps!!

freeze cream for hot chocolate

6. Freeze swirls of cream to add to a hot chocolate drink.  Ideal for sleepover parties.

fruit kebabs

7. Make party dessert healthy and fun by getting the children to make their own fruit kebabs. Just chop the fruit before the party. For younger children, fruity faces also go down well.


8. Still on the kebab theme, these fruity sandwich kebabs makes getting the kids to eat healthier much more fun.


9. I love this idea for making jelly worms,  great for halloween parties or just a weekend of jelly fun with the kids. You can find the recipe here at

food on a stick

10. Just for the record, kids eat anything at parties – the trick is to put it on a cocktail stick! Don’t just limit your self to cheese and pineapple.

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