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10 of the Weirdest Hello Kitty Merchandise Ideas

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It’s Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary this year and she’s as popular as ever.  Here at BoxedUpParty we proudly sell her party ware to Hello Kitty lovers everywhere. We’ve got some really great merchandise for parties and party bags.

I like to keep up with the world of Hello Kitty so I can bring my blog followers all the latest news from that super cute girl, Over the years there have been some quite strange, weird and wacky Hello Kitty merchandise that I’d thought I’d share with you as they really are quite funny, and I’m sure she wouldn’t begrudge us a giggle.


Hello Kitty Pasta

Hello Kitty Pasta, not sure how it’s one of your five a day but I’m sure it’s yummy.



Hello Kitty aeroplane

Hello Kitty takes to the sky’s with her very own aeroplane!


Hello kitty ferrari

A Ferrari! Love the number plate.  Hello Kitty – you really are a head turner.



hello kitty beer

Not sure this one would be allowed in the UK but there are a lot of grown up Hello Kitty Lover’s too.


hello kitty oil

Hello Kitty Motor Oil – this is made to go in the ferrari of course!


Hello Kitty doughnuts

I want the doughnuts!!!!


Hello Kitty Toilet roll

I’m trying to get to the bottom of this one! Oh it’s toilet roll, how could you possibly use it.


Hello Kitty fan

This one is for Hello Kitty’s biggest fan.


Hello Kitty nail art

Pretty but impractical, you’ve got to love outrageous nail art.



This one has to be my favourite and I definitely want one. Gardening has definately become stylish.



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