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1st Birthday Cake Smash

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The BoxedUpParty team are always excited by new ideas and here’s one that’s winging its way over the Atlantic as we speak.

The idea is that on your baby’s first birthday your little darling gets a birthday cake all to themselves.

The family then sits and watches as your baby tentatively examines it. A wooden spoon is sometimes given to him or her so they can knock the cake into shape.

Then your baby destroys the cake by eating it, grabbing it, landing in it face first, ripping it apart and on the odd occasion sleeping in it.

If the cake smash is something for you we’ve got some handy tips to make the event run smoothly.

  • Cover the floor area – cake can travel a long way so cover up really well.  If the weather is good take it outside.
  • Don’t bother with a bib, just a change of clothes.
  • Keep a baby bath handy for the clean up operation.
  • Take lots of photos, film it or get a photographer – baby’s only one once.
  • Remove any plastic decorations from the cake before your baby gets stuck in.
  • Cakes that contain dark food colouring can be very hard to wash off, so white icing or frosting is good.
  • Try a healthier cake recipe like this one from ‘Our Haven Hill’.
  • Leave the cake smash until the end of the party so the clean up won’t interrupt the parties flow.
  • There are even cake smash outfits available, look at this array on Etsy.


If you are having a Cake Smash or have had one already we’d love to see your pictures.

1 year olds are very cute and Cake Smashes are very funny.




Thanks to Mommyshorts.com and 5minutesformom for the great piccies.



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