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7 Healthier Kids Birthday Foods

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Treats and naughty snacks are everywhere these days so how can you possibly make party food that looks and tastes yummy, but won’t give you either a guilt complex or a load of hyperactive kids?  Follow our suggestions for some easy but healthier alternatives to the usual party fayre.

1. Vege Dips

dips in hollowed out peppers with lots of vege sticks to dip in.

Kids do love a vege dip, just give them lots of vege strips to choose from, their bound to like one of them! Hummus always seems to go down well, but you could try an advocado one too.

2.Fruit Skewers

fruit skewers fanned out with matching fruits to form a rainbow.

My kids have always loved fruit skewers and their favourite way of eating them is when they have made them themselves. I do love the rainbow skewers though, they look very pretty, I could just eat one now!

3.Cheese & Pineapple

lots of cheese and pineapple squares on sticks

They may seem like something out of the 1970’s to some or a retro comeback food to others. In my house they never went out of fashion with cheese and pineapple being requested at many a birthday celebration. My only advice is to take whatever quantity of cheese and pineapple you think you need and double it!!

4.Fruit Iced Lollies

home made ice lollies with large pieces of fruit inside that is still visible

For a summer party putting fruit into ice is a lovely way to cool down. You may remember my fruity ice cube blog but I have to say these little beauties look stunning.

5.Fruity Cupcakes

3 cupcakes decorated with a dried banana

Make Mini Applecakes, add banana to your fairy cakes and put some carrot into your cooking. All these options are a tasty way to add some yummy goodness into a party treat.

6.Mini Muffin Pizzas

muffins cut in half and turned into pizzas with smiley facey made from vegetables

A nice little alternative from sandwiches. Mini pizzas made from wholemeal muffins are deliceous, can be made into smiley faces and you can get the kids to make them themselves which is even better. Here’s the recipe if you need it.


walkers french fries

Shock horror, I’ve put crisps on the list. However kids do seem to like them!!  I read a great review of the least unhealthy crisps on the market with the lowest calorie content.  Walkers French Fries got 10/10, closely followed by Skips, Wotsits and Quavers. It probably helps that pack sizes have got smaller.  Have a look yourselves to see if there are any you would use. Even the healthiest party may put out a few nibbles that might not be classified as healthy but the kids need to know it’s a party!!




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