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7 Inexpensive Venues For Kids Parties

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If you want a fun kids party venue that won’t cost the earth but will still be great fun we’ve got 7 ideas for you.

1. At home – I love parties at home and they can all be so different.  From tea parties to craft parties. Camping in the garden to BBQ’s.  The most used venue for parties ever!

2. The village hall -Village halls are great venues as they have loads of room,  a kitchen and are generally low cost.  To give you an idea my local village hall costs £8.50 an hour.  Make sure you give yourself time either side of your party to decorate and clear up.  Helpers are always welcome!

3. A Country Park – If you’ve got a group of kids that love adventure trails, climbing and play parks then a country park could be for you.  Many country parks only charge for parking and have free activity sheets and play trails as well as the paid for Ranger led activities.  One example is Moors Valley Country Park where you can have a great day and take your own Party Picnic.  Don’t forget if you leave the party bags in the car not to put in anything that melts!

4.The Beach – If you’re lucky enough to live near the sea why not have a beach party.  For small children its a great idea to book a beach hut for the day so you have a base and somewhere to stop your party food getting sandy!  Contact the local council for day rates or look for private owners websites. There’s some great ideas for beach activities here. 


5. A Swing Park – In the past few years there have been some really great swing parks built or updated.  You may need to get in the car and drive to one that you don’t go to all the time, to make it a bit different for the kids.  Check out your local government website for a list of local parks or get a recommendation from a friend.

swing park

6.School Hall – Some school halls now can be hired out in much the same way as a village hall and may even let you use the school field as well.  This can be extremely useful for football parties!

7. Leisure Centre – Many leisure centre’s will let you hire a room for a party.  Some council run leisure centres have been known to have play equipment and bouncy castles laid on permanently at no extra cost although this is not always the case. Check locally and don’t forget to pack the pass the parcel.

Wherever you have your party have fun and we’d love to hear of any ideas you have for inexpensive venues.





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