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7 Things To Do At A Fairy Party

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Fairy parties are so magical, with wands, floaty dresses and the prettiest of decorations.

If you’re having a fairy party here’s a few party activities and games to add to the fun.So wave your magic wand and let the party begin.

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1. Kids love to craft so create your own fairy crown with gems and stickers or whatever else takes your fancy.


2. Make a fairy tea for the fairies. Of course everything has to be tiny so use your smallest biscuit cutters for the bread and butter and sprinkle them with hundreds and thousands, add some iced gems for a special fairy treat.

3. Play some fairy party games, the magical circle and magic wand game are perfect for some fairy fun.


4. Look for fairy treasure at the bottom of the garden or perhaps in the woods if you have some nearby.  Remember to leave some goodies for the party guests to find. If you have time you could write some clues, draw a map or even leave a trail for them to find.

5. Fairy colouring pages are always a good way to get the party started.

6. Decorate fairy cakes or biscuits if you prefer.  Choose the prettiest decorations and some coloured icing and create some yummy treats.

7. Make your own magic spells, if its a nice day the party guests will have lots of fun collecting leaves, petals and other natural goodies.  Put them in a pot with a little water and stir whilst making up silly magic spells!


References: thanks to thegraphicsfairy.com for piccies





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