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Beach Party Relay

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It’s the summer holidays and many of you are taking your parties to the beach, especially with the great weather this year.

The kids can play cricket, build sand castles and swim in the sea but how about a fun party game to really put them in the birthday mood.

Things you will need

Some different beach items like beach mats, beach balls, big shorts and sunglasses.

Make sure there is there is one of each item for each team.

How to Play

  1. Party game players line up in their relay teams.
  2. Place the items in a row in front of each team with plenty of space between each item.  The beach mat must be the last item.
  3. Each player has to run up to the first item and either wear it or carry it to the next item.
  4. When the player reaches the beach mat they should unroll it and then lie down on it. They must then sing one verse of ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’.
  5. The player must then stand up, roll up the beach mat and then place all the other items back in the position they got it form.
  6. The player then runs back to their team and the next person has a turn.
  7. Keep playing until all the players have had a turn.
  8. The winners are the team that completes the relay first.

Have great fun at your beach party and remember to check out our other blog posts for more birthday tips, recipes, games and more.

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