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Birthday Party in the Summer holidays

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Your son or daughters birthday party is in the summer holidays – are you worried that no-one will turn up as they are all on holiday, or maybe everyone will just forget!

Here are a few tips for you to make sure your child’s summer holiday birthday is a success.

Tips for a successful summer holiday birthday

Firstly find out when their best friends are going on holiday.

Try and make a date when they are actually going to be around.

Give out the invitations personally in the playground if possible.  That way the invitations won’t be lying in the bottom of a book bag all summer.

If you don’t get a response don’t be afraid to text ‘just in case they forgot to answer’.

Get RSVP’s by text so you have the parents phone numbers.  Great for a contact if they leave their child at the party but also for a reminder about the party.

Definitely text a few days before to remind them to come. It’s amazing how your mind can wander if you are in a different routine.

If you find a lot of their friends are going to be away why not have an end of term party or one at the beginning of the new term.

Remember their birthday isn’t going to change, so don’t put it off year after year.  Follow our tips for a summer birthday, have fun and we wish you a great party.



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