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Christmas Birthdays are Good

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My Nan’s birthday was on Boxing Day which might seem terrible to some people, but when she was young her family would have a lovely Christmas day and then her friends and family would start partying again at midnight! In later years she had the tradition of going to the beach on Boxing Day to make it feel more special.

So I thought I’d research as to what other people’s traditions were if they had a birthday on or near Christmas. I thought I’d start by giving you some of the positive things about having a birthday during the Christmas season especially for children.

1. Family may be travelling to see you for Christmas, so you will get to see them on your birthday too, together with presents of course!


2. There will be lots of yummy Christmas and birthday food around.


3. You won’t have to do school work on your birthday.


4. You might be able to wangle having two birthdays, some Christmas baby’s have a summer party too.


5. Everyone is in a good mood near Christmas which is probably actually because they know it’s your birthday.


6.There are loads of extra activities to do near Christmas like ice skating rinks appearing in the park. That means there are more birthday treats than normal to choose from.

ice skating Bournemouth Gardens

7. Although some people may buy you joint Christmas and birthday presents, the chances are the gift will be more expensive than you may have otherwise of received.

birthday presents


8. You can get out of lots of the preparation for Christmas and helping out at home because people feel sorry for you, leaving you free to do do exactly what you want.

lying on the sofa


I asked for ideas about what people do on their children’s Christmas time birthdays. Here are a few of my favourites:

Katy’s is on Christmas eve. She has birthday presents then Christmas presents. She has a party the week before Christmas and then a special time on her birthday. Christmas starts at 6 pm on Christmas eve. We won’t do another birthday day in middle of year as her birthday is when it is, and it is still special. (Jo)

One family I know – the child was born on Christmas Day. They have a birthday celebration in the middle of June and have a normal Christmas. (Lynda)

My Birthday is Christmas Eve, and Christmas was always kept separate. I sometimes got a bigger combined present which cost more than I could have hoped for for a single gift, which was exciting. Parties with friends were often difficult to arrange, as people were usually busy in the run up to Christmas or travelling to relatives, but I always got to see the whole family. Another bonus, until this year, I’ve never worked on my birthday, either! (Chris)







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