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Make a Hello Kitty Birthday Cake Out Of Cupcakes!

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I love Hello Kitty, she’s an international phenomenon who appears on clothes, as cuddly toys, as many other weird and wonderful merchandise items and she’s even been in outer space.

As you may already know BoxedUpParty sell a wide range of partyware and filled party bags but we’re also always looking for ideas that will make your party easier.

Hello Kitty Cupcake Cake 5

I discovered  a great cake idea from a fellow blogger found on bakedwithlovebycarousel.blogspot.co.uk. They have made a really effective birthday cake by using lots of cupcakes joined together. It’s such a simple and effective idea I’m definitely going to try it.

Lots of undecorated cupcakes pushed together to form a Hello Kitty shape.

First bake your cupcakes, 31 cakes are pictured here but I’d make a couple of extra ones just in case. (It also means you can try them without spoiling the birthday cake!)

Cupcakes pushed into a Hello Kitty shape, each one with swirls of icing on top so you can no longer see the cupcakes.

The next step is to add the icing. Choose a bright pink colour for the dress and white for the face. Use a piping bag or cupcake decorating kit that can be found cheaply in many shops. Make sure all the gaps are filled in.

Hello Kitty Cupcake Cake 3

Next cut out the bow, eyes, whiskers and nose from fondant icing. You can use liquid or gel food colouring to get the right shades or even buy ready coloured icing.

Hello Kitty Cupcake Cake 6

You can also personalise your cake by adding the birthday child’s name!

The great thing about this cake is that you can just pull it apart and that it looks fantastic.



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