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Fruity Party Icecubes

fruity icecubes
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Pretty and fruity, these ice cubes bring something special to your party drink and kids love them.

You can use whatever fruit you have to hand but colourful and tasty is always good. In the selection above we used nectarines, blackberries and red grapes.  You can also use strawberries, pineapple and whatever fruits you know your kids love.

fruity icecubes

The nice thing about them is that kids are happy to drink water so that they can see the colourful fruit and won’t be demanding the hyperactivity drinks you so often see at kid’s parties.

DSC_1136 DSC_1137

My little tip is to use boiled water so that when it freezes you can see the fruit better as the ice doesn’t go cloudy.  Some berries will colour the water too which is very pretty.

You can also use different shaped ice cube trays if you really want to go to town, or improvise with what you have at home.

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