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Fun Food Party Games

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The party games kids always seem to remember and that they find the most fun are the one’s involving food!

They may be a little messy but they are definitely worth it; here’s a quick rundown of the top food party games.


Each player has two bowls and a set of chopsticks.

Each player has one bowl filled with sweets.

The object of the game is to move the sweets from one bowl to the other.

Dropped sweets must also be moved to the players bowl.

The first player to complete the task is the winner.

The Chocolate Game

Players sit in a circle.

In the middle of the circle is a chocolate bar on a plate with a knife and fork plus a hat and gloves.

Players take it in turns to throw a dice.

If a player gets a ‘6’ they must go into the centre of the circle, put on the hat and gloves and try to cut up and eat the chocolate.

While this is happening the other players continue rolling the dice, when another player gets a six they swap with the one in the middle.

Keep playing until all the chocolate is eaten.

Apple Bobbing

An oldie but goody! Players take turns trying to extract an apple from a barrel of water with their teeth.

Prepare for some puddles!


The Orange Game

The object of this game is to pass an orange from player to player until they get to the end of the line.

The only problem is they can only do this by holding the orange under their chin.

No hands allowed!

The Sweets and Cream Game

Get ready for some very messy children!

Put party plates around the room.  On each of the plates put some sweets under a load of whipped cream.

You can guess what happens next!


The Donut Game

Hang donuts from a string and get players to try and eat them without using their hands.

It works quite well if you tie the line of stringed donuts to a pole.  Then you can make the pole go higher or lower for some tiptoe – limbo – donut fun!




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