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Hello Kitty’s Space Mission

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How exciting, Hello Kitty is in Space and sending messages too.  The cute Japanese feline is circling the earth right now and raising awareness of the Japanese high-tech industry and celebrating her 40th Anniversary.

A 4 cm figure has been sent up in a mini satellite approximately the size of a large rubbish bin.  She is sat next to the window through which wonderful images of earth can be seen.  Above the window is a message board sending short messages in Japanese and English that have been sent to her by fans.


The $40 million project has been devised and carried out by The University of Tokyo’s Nano-Satellite Centre.  Its aim, according to Toshiki Tanaka the projects chief researcher is to “Stimulate scientific curiosity” and added “We can move their hearts.”  (Reuters)

This is not the first encounter that the Space Cat has had with the world of gravity defying space missions.  In 2013 a seventh grade Californian, Lauren Rojas, sent Hello Kitty up to the stratosphere in a high altitude space balloon. Take a look at the inspiring video on YouTube and share with your kids, it may inspire them to do something scientific or space related.

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