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Hula Hoop Party Games

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If your stuck for some party games there are lots of easy to organize games using only hula hoops!  We’ve got some great hula game ideas for you here.

Hula Ball

  • Tie a few hoops together and hang them.
  •  Use trees, a basket ball net, a ceiling beam or high washing line to hang them from.
  • Use balls or bean bags to throw through them.
  • Give the players points for getting them through hoops.
  • Harder hoops get more points!
a turtles life for me

a turtles life for me

Hula Roll Race

Who can roll their hula hoop the furthest?

For older children you can set ‘out of bounds’ zones to make the game a little harder.

You can also let more than one hoop to be rolled at once and let one persons hoop knock out another one.

Hula Hoop Bubbles

Definitely one for the garden as the kids could get a little wet.

  • First get out the paddling pool, small ones are good as you will need less washing up liquid.
  • Prepare the mixture the night before if possible. 1:2 washing up liquid to water.
  • Don’t splash the water as better bubbles are created with no foam.
  • Place the hoop into the paddling pool and raise it up slowly turning it vertically.
  • Try making a bubble around the party goers by raising up the hoop with someone stood inside it. (Shades are great to protect the eyes from bubbles).

Musical Hoops

  • Lay out hoops on the ground.
  • Start the music.
  • When the music stops all the players must jump into a spare hoop.
  • Remove a hoop each time.
  • If a player can’t find a hoop they are out.
  • The winner is the last person left.




This game can also be adapted for as a pirate party game – musical treasure islands.

Hoop Scramble

  • Lay the hoops down on the ground.
  • Party guests run around the hoops.
  • The game organizer shouts out a number.
  • The players must try to get the same number of people into the same hoop!
  • If they don’t get the right amount of people into the hoop they are out.





There are some lovely ideas on happy hooligans.ca that involve tying up a hoop.  Its lovely to see kids just enjoying swing the hoops or trying to climb through them when they are tied up.  Its not only great fun its also good for them too as they learn balance and co-ordination.

Whatever you do at your party the team at  BoxedUpParty hope you have a fantastic day.  Check out our other posts for more tips and ideas for successful birthday parties.



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