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Make A Unicorn Party Hat

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If you are having a unicorn party why not make a unicorn party hat. We’ll show you the basics and you can add whatever sparkley bits, ribbons, glitter and craft items you have at home too.


1. Take a piece of card and roll it into a long cone shape. Then stick it with cellotape.


2. Trim off the excess card at the base.


3. Use a hole punch to make two holes on opposites sides at the base of the cone.


4. Decorate the cone with stickers, glitter, ribbons and whatever crafty bits and bobs you may have at home.


5. Tie some string or ribbon onto a bell.(Optional)


6. Thread the ribbon through the top of the cone and stick on the ribbon on the inside with some cellotape.


7. Thread two pieces of ribbon through the holes at the base of the cone that are long enough to tie under the party childs head.


8. Wear your beautiful unicorn horn with pride!!


If you are having a unicorn party we have some great Rainbow Unicorn party kits. They contain everything you need for the big day so why not take a look today.

Rainbow-Unicorn-Party-3-230 Unicorn-Party-1-230


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