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Minecraft Party Music From The Kids Favourite Internet Stars

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If you’re having a birthday party based on your kids Minecraft obsession then you’ll want to make it a fun and memorable event. We know it’s difficult to buy a CD of the songs the children are singing because they come from You Tube and not the charts. Thats why we’ve created a playlist for the party that you can find on Spotify. You can sign up for free so it’s a great way to get some party music.

Tobuscus & Minecraft Swinging the diamond sword


Here’s the link to our Spotify Minecraft Party playlist.

Tracks include I Can Swing My Sword by Tobuscus, Enderman Are Creepy by Minecraft Jams and Happy Cow by Smosh. The full list can be found here.

We also have some great party kits, filled party bags, party supplies and licensed Minecraft posters and stickers to help you make a really great Minecraft Party for the kids.



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