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Minecraft – turn their virtual world into a party!

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Minecraft is a worldwide online phenomenon that is taking the world by storm.  Building a world from textured blocks, having adventures, exploring and crafting is becoming a must do activity for gamers of all ages.

Lego Minecraft and other licensed merchandise look to be a big sellers this Christmas.  Minecraft is evolving from a virtual world into a real one.

We have found that our Minecraft parties and party bags have become virtual life savers to parents who want to give their kids a great birthday party thats a little more cool or ‘awesome’ than some more traditional kids parties.


We’ve introduced some great new Minecraft themed party packs which we thought we’d share with all our blog followers.  Our most popular party this year, these parties are flying out of the door, so grab yours fast!!


Minecraft Party 1 for 8 Children.

The parties include official licensed Minecraft products together with colour themed party products.


Minecraft Party 2 for 8 Children

We’ve included extra decoratations and/or party bags and fillers in the parties. Everything you need for the big day.


Minecraft Party 5 for 8 Children

We’ve also included a selection of individual party bags so you can order the exact amount for your party.


Party Bag No2


Party Bag No4

Why not go to our website to discover our new range for yourself.



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