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Most Popular Birthday Month

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September is often perceived to be the most popular birthday month but how true is this?  Are your kids going to be inundated with birthday invitations as soon as they go back to school and what are the different influences that affect the month when children are born?

According to Harvard University the most common birthday in America is September 16th.  They produced this great chart so you can see how popular your birth date is.


Most popular birth dates.


As you can see the most common birth dates were all in September!

Most Common UK Birthday Month

This information is great if you live in America but their public holidays and big celebrations are slightly different to the UK.  For example we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here and of course the climate is different in many parts of the U.S in comparison.

The Office of National statistics produced data for England and Wales 2011 that showed some different findings for this particular year as shown in this chart.


As you can see July was by far the most popular month to be born and there were actually more births in August than September!


Influences on Birth Month

There are a number of influences on the month that you are born.

  • Celebrations such as Christmas and New Year have a part to play.
  • Some mothers plan to have a spring birth so that they don’t have to carry through the late stages of pregnancy in the hot summer months.
  • Some parents have been said to plan to have their children in September/October to insure that the child is one of the oldest in their year and so therefore have an advantage over the younger ones.  I haven’t actually seen the evidence for this and haven’t met anyone so far where this is the case although discussions on forums such as Mums Net have alluded to this.
  • March used to be a popular birth month due to tax advantages.
  • Some dates are avoided such as Xmas Day, Friday 13th and 29th of February.

The September Effect

September always feels like a busy birthday month to me.  The kids go back to school and due to the reduction in big bashes in August, it’s a bit of a surprise to have birthday celebrations that may have been held over from the end of the holidays as well as the September ones.

It’s fantastic for the kids as they always have fun at birthdays whatever the time of year.

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