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Russian Mother’s Shocking Cat Fight At Kids Party

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In the UK we’ve had stories about rudeness at parties such as the boy charged for not showing up to a birthday outing. The press criticism and involvement got quite out of hand. Can you imagine then going to a kids party and a massive fight breaking out with it all captured on CCTV and it then gets broadcast across the world.


This is the scenario being faced by a group of Russian mothers who went to a kids party at a soft play area. It all started so innocently: soft play, birthday balloons, coffees and chat, what could be more serene.

The problem started when a parent complained about the misbehaviour of one of the children. Its something that happens all the time and although embarrassing for some, contested by others, we tend to do this in a restrained very English way. We may be inwardly seething but we take our worries and angry words home with us as we know we have to be a good example to the kids as well as having to meet the parents on a daily basis in the school playground.

For this women she could have no idea what would happen, the group of mothers attending the party with her not only  abuse at her verbally but also throw punches. One mother that went to help her was  pulled away whilst another was actually punched to the ground by a father who had been drinking! You can watch the whole video here.


I hope this isn’t a portent of things to come but to be fair if you will have fights in front of cameras it will probably warn parents of the dangers of doing the same again. I do hope so.




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