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Myleen Klass reveals school mums crazy ‘Kindle money’ birthday request

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Myleen Klass  went up in my estimation today. Already beautiful and talented, she showed some wit and also showed up some mothers that attend her daughters school.

She published an email on her Instagram account that invited her daughter to a party but also requested money for rather extravagant birthday gifts.  Take a look for yourself:

1st Email

**** and ***** would prefer a class birthday gift for their daughters this year.  **** would like a Kindle and ***** a desk, (Very studious choices!!) so if you would like to join in please can I collect a suggested £10 from you before the party on Feb 9th.  If you prefer to send £ via an envelope in your daughters school bag, marked for ****/me that works too.  I will pass on a voucher and card to each at the party.

There is no obligation of course.

Email 2

From some school mums:

Dear all further to ****’s email today about a group collection for ***, I just wanted to say (to those of you who want to contribute, that I’ll be around every morning next week at drop off if you want to give me some money. From memory about £10 seems to be a popular amount but feel free to give what you like or indeed, to give your own gift. I will collect thew cash and give it to **** with a card with names from everyone who has contributed.

The Party is on 9th Feb


Good on you for publishing Myleen, but your response was even classier (forgive the pun!)

Subject: Let’s put the fun back into B’days! X

Dear all

For Ava’s birthday, she will be requesting a real live, Unicorn.

I will be collecting Unicorn money via her book bag, in the playground or at


(Additionally I’d like a Ferrari and Leonardo DiCaprio, so by all means, do feel obligated to contribute to this too).

If you don’t wish to, please don’t feel any pressure from the countless emails I intend to follow this up with and clog up your inbox.

Love and thanks!!

Thank ‘You’ Myleen for the best laugh I’ve had all week!!

Myleen Klass has been praised by many for putting the sharp elbowed middle class parents in their place. The story comes only a couple of weeks since a parent was given an invoice for missing a party. I do wonder what the rest of the world thinks about our party traditions!


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