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Peppa Pig Party Games

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Are you having a Peppa Pig party but need some inspiration for fun games and activities when the children arrive?  Here’s the BoxedUpParty top tips for your Peppa Pig celebration.


Pin The Tail On The Pig

Kids love this twist on an old classic.

Draw and paint a big Peppa Pig and create curly tails from curling ribbon.

Use blue tack or double sided sticky tape to attach.There are some easy to follow instructions of how to draw Peppa Pig here.


Hide Peppa

Print or cut out Peppa Pig pictures and hide them around your party venue.

When they are found the party goer receives a prize.

Musical Muddy Puddles

Use brown paper to create some muddy puddles.

The children dance to the music and when it stops they jump in the puddle with a big splosh!

You can take a muddy puddle away each time so if the child has no puddle they are out.

Alternatively just turn it into the best splosh competition, that way you keep all the children amused for longer as they some make great sploshy noises.



Squeak Piggy Squeak

Children sit on chairs around the room.

One child goes into the middle is blindfolded and given a cushion.

They are then spun around and find a child to sit on.

Putting the cushion on the child first they sit down and then say “Squeak Piggy Squeak”

The child they are sitting on then makes a piggy noise and the player has to guess who they are.

If they guess correctly they swap places but if not the game carries on until they can guess.

Lots of fun can be had making very silly piggy noises.

Pass Peppa Pig

Get all the children to sit in a circle, pop the music on and pass around a cuddly Peppa Pig toy.

When the music stops children receive a small sweet or sticker.

Keep going until everyone has won a prize.

Peppa Pig Says

A variation on ‘Simon Says’ but this time Peppa Pig is giving the instructions!

Use instructions like Peppa Pig says make piggy noises, jump in puddles, roar like a dinosaur, wave your magic wand etc.

Don’t forget – if Peppa doesn’t say it the players shouldn’t do it and if  do they are out.

Pig Pinata

What better way to end a party than having a pig piñata.  Read our piñata blog for some great tips on how to play piñata even with younger children.


Other Activities

For a bit of calm down time at the party why not put out some Peppa Pig colouring sheets.

Very young children may also like to play with toys for a while, just make sure its not the birthday childs new toys.

There loads of  hints and tips for toddler birthday parties here.

Whatever games you play at your Peppa pig party have fun!!!!!













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