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The Best Sweets For Your Minecraft Party

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One of our most commonly asked questions from customers when we started selling Minecraft Parties was where to buy sweets for their Minecraft party. Kids love to recieve a sweet treat in their party bag and colour themed sweets also look great on the party table.

minecraft rock candy emeralds

Trying to source fun and tasty sweets has become a fun and rewarding part of our job, we especially like the tasting part!

These are our favourite sweets on our Minecraft Party Supplies page:


Pig Lollies always go down well in a tastey strawberry chocolate flavour.


These colour themed Blackberry & Apple Mega Lollies are our best sellers.


They look great in party bags.


I love these Rock Candy Sticks, a fantastic looking crystlised sugar sweet on a stick.


There are even more sweets to choose from in our Minecraft Sweets department.



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