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The Sneaky Smugglers Game Is Perfect for Pirate Parties

Pirate girl standing by the party table.
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The Sneaky Smugglers game is perfect for slightly older children at your party. My 10-year-old daughter told me all about it after returning from a get together with her friends. She and her friends had a great time playing it and she thought it would be a perfect addition to the blog (very thoughtful).

2 girl pirates holding up a Jolly Rodger flag

How to play

  • 5 or more players for the most fun!
  • Play outside if possible.
  • Object of the game is to be as quiet and sneaky as possible.
  • All players are given 10 points each at the start of the game.
  • Everyone gets into a line and the pirates begin walking around.
  • The pirates must try not to make any noise. This can include talking, giggling, stepping on a stick, rustling or any other action that makes a sound.
  • The player behind you deducts a point every time you make a noise.
  • It is a good idea to have a party helper or adult at the front and back of the line.
  • Play until you decide to stop.

After the game

Pirates tell each other what their score is.

9-10 Points  Great work you are a sneaky smuggler.

6-8 Points   Almost there.

3-5 Points   You need a bit more work.

1-2 Points    YOU FAILED!!

I hope you enjoy the game and I wonder if any of you will break my daughter’s friend Finn’s record of MINUS 36 points!!



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