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7 Things To Do At A Unicorn Party

Unicorn Partyware featuring the Rainbow Unicorn
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Unicorns are everywhere at the moment, in fact I’m not sure if they ever went away! As party fads come and go our Unicorn parties continue to be popular with children of all ages. Whether you choose a Rainbow Unicorn party or Unicorn Fantasy, we thought we’d give you some of our favourite ideas of what to do at ‘your’ Unicorn party. Here’s our top 7….

1 Move The Rainbow

rainbow made of smarties

Use straws to move colourful Smarties onto a pre drawn rainbow.  Make it a race and give a prize to the winner.

2 Pin The Tail On The Unicorn

unicorn party game

Pinning the horn on the unicorn is a fun game to play at your party. You can buy a game from our website or make your own. I love this homemade Lady Rainicorn party game!

pin the horn on lady rainicorn

3 Play A Unicorn Pinata Game

White unicorn pinata with pink pull ribbons

Unicorn Pinatas are a fun game to play at your party. With beautiful ribbons to pull in turn until all the goodies spill out. They can also add to the decorative look of your party or you can save them as a secret grand finale to your celebration.

4 Upside Down Unicorn Ice Cream

icecream in a bowl with a cone placed on top like a unicorns horn

Offer your guests a unicorn themed dessert with an upside down ice cream. Cones transform into unicorn horns, add coloured sprinkles for extra magic.

5 Make A Unicorn Horn Party Hat

make a unicorn horn craft

This is a great craft to add to your party. You can find out how to make it here.

6 Make Rainbow Party Food

fruit skewers fanned out with matching fruits to form a rainbow.

rainbow sweets on top of cupcakes

Love these rainbow cupcakes and fruity skewers. It makes your party table look really bright and magical!

7 Unicorn Themed Party Bags And Tableware

Use our gorgeous tableware and themed party bags to make your party really special. Choose from our Rainbow Unicorn or Unicorn Fantasy party ranges.  To make life a little easier we also design party kits. Parties are available for 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 guests.

Unicorn-Fantasy-Party-5-600 Rainbow-Unicorn-Party-5-600Unicorn-Filled-Party-Bag-No3-600



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